The Witcher Season 2 Teasers Are Here But They Don’t Give Us Much

As per the title, The Witcher Season 2 teasers have appeared online. However, they really do not give us very much to ponder over whilst we wait for a full trailer or a release date. Check both teasers below that dropped on Friday.

Both involve a lot of quick cuts to really confuse as to what is going down. I get it, it’s a teaser, but this approach does very little to create hype in my opinion. Of course book fans already have a fair idea of where the story is headed into Season 2. The books Blood of Elves and Time of Contempt are what seem to make up the bulk of Season 2. Saying that, Season 1 definitely had deviations from the source novels.

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I enjoyed The Witcher Season 1, but a lot of critics and fans didn’t. There were definitely some moments I felt were a bit off kilter, but overall I was entertained. From this point on I have not read the books yet though, so my story knowledge kinda disappears and picks up with the Witcher games set many years later.

As said above, we still don’t have a release window for The Witcher Season 2, however I expect it to drop this year for sure. My guess is around October/November time. However, that is just a guess for now. The question on everyone’s mind though? Can they replicate the success of the song ‘Toss a coin to your Witcher’. The tune was instantly catchy and became almost as popular as the show itself. That’s gonna be hard to pull off again for sure.

Leave any thoughts you have about these The Witcher Season 2 teasers below as always.

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