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Tiffany Moon’s Father-In-Law Accused of Sexual Assault and Her Husband is Also Mentioned in Lawsuit

RHOD: Dr. Tiffany Moon's Husband Daniel Moon Accused Of Treating Women Like "Objects" As Her Father-In-Law Faces Allegations Of Sexual Assault

Both Dr. Tiffany Moon‘s father-in-law and her husband, Daniel Moon, have been accused of sexual misconduct.

So far, Tiffany has remained scandal-free during her time on The Real Housewives of Dallas, but it seems the same cannot be said for her husband and his family.

The star’s father-in-law, David Moon, has been accused of sexually assaulting a former employee according to court documents. A woman using the name Jane Doe filed a civil suit against the businessman in 2019, and though David is fighting to have the case dismissed, the trial is currently set to begin in June.

According to Radar Online, who have obtained the documents, the woman — who previously worked as a cart girl at a golf course owned by the family — filed suit against David, his relative Sam Moon, and the family company Sam Moon Group. Tiffany’s husband Daniel also works at the company.

In the lawsuit, the woman mentioned a separate civil suit that was filed in the past against David and Sam by another alleged victim.

“David Moon and his sons, Daniel Moon and Sam Moon, have treated women as objects of their sexual urges instead of as the women—daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers—they are,” the previous suit alleged. “They used Coyote Ridge Golf Club as their sexual playground.”

In Jane Doe’s suit, she actually accuses the defendants of assault and battery as the court documents state that David and Sam “[forcibly] rubbed and/or grabbed Plaintiff’s buttocks multiple times. Defendant DAVID MOON and SAM MOON performed these acts without the consent of Plaintiff.”

Furthermore, Jane Doe also alleges that Tiffany’s father-in-law “rubbed his erect penis” on her multiple times, and he “[forcibly] rubbed and/or grabbed her breasts” on multiple occasions as well. She claims she endured the abuse for a full year and says it wasn’t uncommon for the defendants to “throw parties where girls ended up being raped.”

Nevertheless, the woman is not only accusing the men of sexual assault. She also alleges that they were emotionally and verbally abusive as well. She claims she was called “ignorant,” “stupid white girl,” “uneducated,” and was also frequently told she “looked awful.”

According to the documents, Jane Doe also says the family was discriminatory in their hiring and allegedly instructed managers not to hire “African-Americans” because David said that “you can’t trust them.”

The woman is seeking more than $1 million in damages due to her “loss of self-esteem, loss of trust, depression, substance abuse, and thoughts of suicide.”

As for David and Sam, they are requesting that the case be thrown out of court because they believe the woman should have to identify herself in order for the case to move forward. The men answered the complaint in January and denied any wrongdoing.

Tiffany reportedly met her husband Daniel in 2008 and the couple got engaged a year later. They share six-year-old twins, Chloe and Madison, and Daniel also has twins, Nathan and Nicole, from a previous marriage.

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