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TLC’s So Freaking Cheap Takes Penny-Pinching to the Extreme

So cheap it’s cringe! 

TLC’s newest reality series So Freakin Cheap promises plenty of penny-pinchers trying to spend as little as possible—even for their big days!

Cheap follows four families who are pros at bargain-hunting and E! News has the exclusive first trailer below. “Tensions rise and emotions are high when each family is forced to confront their loved ones in the hopes of living a more normal life as they approach major milestones, including planning a wedding, renovating a home, buying a new car and laying down the path for a career in fashion,” the official press statements reads.

Yet not all of the cast members believe their budgeted lifestyles are outlandish. 

“When people say that I am cheap, I say, ‘Thank you, yes I am,'” Rosanna Tran tells the camera in a teaser trailer.

Rosanna and husband Danny Tran live in an upscale Orlando, Florida neighborhood but take pride in being “crazy cheap Asians” while raising their four children: Alex, Elizabeth, Brandon and Charisma. From pageants to modeling, the Tran family seems to have mastered the art of living large off very little by choice—including dumpster diving!

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