Warzone Player Shows Off An Incredible Crossbow Snipe At Nakatomi Plaza

One Warzone player managed to snipe a bounty target on the roof of Nakatomi Plaza from the ground using the crossbow in an incredible snipe.

One skilled Call of Duty: Warzone player managed to pull off an incredible snipe during a recent match in the Nakatomi Plaza map and their weapon of choice was the crossbow. Recently the battle royale title shifted its focus to 80s action heroes after an update added content from intellectual properties such as Rambo and Die Hard. This has included adding characters and locations from these classic series.

The inclusion of over-the-top 80s action IPs appears to fit well with the chaotic and often times unrealistic nature of the combat in Warzone. There seems to be a consistent stream of Warzone players that manage to pull off incredible feats by skillfully manipulating the rules of the game world in their favor. Now another entry can be added to the growing list of jaw-dropping achievements players have pulled off in the battle royale and it comes in the form of a near-impossible shot.

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Reddit user Too_Easy_33 posted a video of the feat showcasing how they sniped a bounty target on the roof of Nakatomi Plaza from the ground using the crossbow. Too_Easy_33 originally noticed the target peaking off the roof and seemed to fire a shot out of instinct. When the bolt nearly hit its target, Too_Easy_33 decided to to try again. This time the gamer did not rush and lined up the shot by aiming a little higher. The delay ended up being worth it when the second shot hit and killed the bounty target much to the joy of the other CoD players on voice chat.

There was some luck in Too_Many_33’s shot, but there was also a fair bit of skill involved as well. Had the first bolt dealt the death blow, the whole ordeal would have seemed like a complete accident. The fact that the player took the time to set themselves up and aim properly on a second attempt, however, changes the whole perception of the feat.

It seems multiple Warzone players have recently performed over-the-top achievements that feel straight out of an 80s action movie and killing an enemy on top of a skyscraper from the ground with a crossbow definitely fits that mold. Too_Many_33 should be commended for pulling off a seemingly impossible shot that is equally entertaining to watch. Until Warzone makes its next aesthetic shift, which will reportedly take the battle royale installment back to its series roots, players should continue to relish the wild gameplay opportunities that seem to be linked to the current 80s vibe.

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Call of Duty: Warzone is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Too_Many_33/Reddit

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