Wednesday, August 4 Filming Locations

Here’s a look at various filming locations for Aug. 4, 2021:

Filming in California

TV Series: American Crime Story
Location: 506 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles

TV Series: S.W.A.T.
Location: 1333 Willow St., Los Angeles

TV Series: Greatness Code
Location: 1200 Wall St., Los Angeles

Movie: Blackjack Christmas
Location: 2016 Rockford Rd., Los Angeles (until Aug. 7th)

TV Series: Untitled Bosch Spin-off
Location: 1223 Wall St., Los Angeles

Filming in New York

Project: Manya Ray
Location: Bond Street and Broadway, New York

TV Series: Larry’s Diner (code name for “Dead Ringers”)
Location: Bond Street and Broadway, New York

Movie: A Thousand and One
Location: Lenox Avenue & W. 119th St., New York
Credit: @kucksuelwhan

Movie: She Did That (code name for “Not Okay”)
Location: 14th Ave. and 36th St., Brooklyn 
Credit: @MeirChaimowitz

TV Series: Law & Order: SVU 
Location: William St. and Pine St., New York 
Credit: @derrickc82

TV Series: Billions
Location: 5th Ave., between 37th and 38th St.; 40th St. and 1st Ave., New York 

TV Series: And Just Like That
Location: 26th St, between 10th & 11th Ave., New York 
Credit: @jmarguIies, @originalpunks

Movie: Meet Cute
Location: Broadway and Arion Pl, Brooklyn 
Credit: @supanyc

TV Series: Power Book II: Ghost
Location: Beverley Road, Argyle Road, Ditmas Park, Brooklyn
Credit: @MeirChaimowitz

Movie: Corduroy (code name for “She Said”)
Location: The NYTimes Building, New York 

TV Series: Love Life
Location: Dekalb Ave. and Cumberland St., Brooklyn

TV Series: Power Book III: Raising Kanan
Location: E 4th & Union Ave., Mt. Vernon

TV Series: White House Plumbers
Location: Verizon Building, Orangeburg

Project: Nanny
Location: East 19th Street and Foster Ave., Brooklyn

Filming in North Carolina

Project: Sloaney & Raven
Location: 200 Market St., Wilmington 

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