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Woman Claims She Is Pressing Charges Against Lelee From

Domestic violence is never the answer. Social media continues to be a powerful platform for women and men to share their stories regarding any alleged abuse. Unfortunately, today a woman claimed that “Growing Up Hip Hop,” castmate rapper Khiry Lyons, who is the son of Lelee from SWV, allegedly was violent towards her and that she would be pressing charges against him. The news comes just a day away as SWV prepares to go up against Xscape on Verzuz this weekend.

Alexis Symone uploaded a nearly-minute-long video on Instagram detailing the allegations. “So tonight, Khiry Lyons, he’s also the son of Lelee Lyons, who is also a member of SWV, he assaulted me tonight. I have a bruised shoulder, and I’m not playing anymore,” she said. “Like I am tired of men assaulting me, and I’m not doing anything about it. I am fu***ng tired of it. I’m not dealing with it anymore.”

She continued saying that there was no reason for Khiry to put his hands on her allegedly, and she planned on pressing charges. Shortly after her video, she shared a message on her Instagram story that said she met Khiry at Harold’s and that he allegedly wanted to leave to get drugs. Alexis then shared an alleged text conversation between the two of them.  Khiry took to his Instagram account and shared a message responding to Alexis’ claims. “Lol. It’s a cap. It’s a clout chase. It’s a jay #disrespectfully.” In the midst of the newfound attention, Khiry started promoting his current single, “Oochie,” which is currently available on streaming platforms.

Currently, Lelee hasn’t responded to Alexis’ allegations, but we will update yall if she does.

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