Wrath of Man Film Review

Was postponing this movie for far too long – why am I saying that? Because it is true and I am angry with myself I did not watch the latest Ritchie installment as soon as it was out for the taking.

Wrath of Man is a crime thriller following the story of H, defined by the official plot as: “a mysterious character working at a cash truck company responsible for moving” money around L.A. Which works just fine, but the plot is much more complex and it unveils slowly through the movie, in the ‘chapter-like’ type Guy Ritchie pretty much likes to use.

Embarking on this action filled thriller you’re instantly involved from the beginning, showing the opening scene, which is crucial throughout the movie, from a ‘hidden’ angle, from inside the cash truck being robbed. The mentioned opening scene of the cash truck theft is later shown from different point of views of the characters, thus additionally helping the viewer to understand the understanding the main character purpose. The latter is somehow understood broadly already from the beginning, then just confirmed and emphasized until the very end.

The choice for the cast is a blast, needless to say, including Ritchie’s ‘old friend’ Jason Statham, who provides a solid and decent performance, depicting a shady, but calm character, which actually is a human ticking bomb.

The beauty of the movie is essentially provided by Statham and its character, through whom we get a glimpse of the emotional havoc the employees of the cash truck companies are part of, the fear they successfully hide or channel. At some moments the movie works as a documentary on people’s ability to overcome needs over duty, reflecting the true American Dream and the human weakness for wealth.

Wrath of Man has all the features of an old-school crime thriller, adding to the value is the semi-slow pace of an actual revenge crime drama revealing itself slowly to the viewer. And spiced up with blood and shootouts.

Guy Ritchie is definitely back.

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